Curtorim is a picturesque, tranquil and serene village with hills and hillocks with green paddy fields and an array of coconut palm trees, the various water bodies, specially the lakes and the ponds along with khazans with river Zuari flowing along the village border gives the village a unique character.

The area of Curtorim is 1735.5 hectares with an approximate length of 4.5 kms and breadth of 4 kms.


Curtorim village is bounded on the:
east by Macasana and Guirdolim,
west by Margao (part) / Raia,
north by the River Zuari and
south by S.Jose de Areal/ South Central Railway.


Curtorim is known as the “granary of Salcete” and it is because of this characteristic that the village has got its name, which originally was KUDD+TARI or KUDD+TODDI, merely because the village has plenty of fields and the kudds or rooms to store the grain were constructed along the river bank (toddir).

The Curtorim Church was erected in 1597 and is amongst the oldest churches in Salcete. This church is situated on the banks of Angddi tollem giving the impression that this church was structured on the pattern of Hindu temples, which are constructed on the banks of a tank. The church was rebuilt in 1647 and St. Alex was declared the titular Saint of the Church by an Apostolic Brief on 13 January 1815.

Although the patron of this village is St. Alex, the feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe is celebrated with more fervour by the villagers on 18 December. This feast is also known as ‘Feast of O’ as in earlier times when the services were in Latin, every prayer from 18 December till 25 December, would begin with the Latin alphabet ‘O’. Besides, this feast is also known as kelleam fest (Feast of bananas). This is because in ancient times, a lot of bananas would be traded at the fair for this feast.

A unique feature of Curtorim is the various water bodies. The village has five big lakes and 16 small ponds.

A number of world class performers of western classical and contemporary music have their origins in this village. The village also boasts having perhaps the greatest no of its sons decorated for bravery in India’s conflicts with her neighbours than any other village in Goa. It abounds with retired military officers. General Sunith Rodrigues was the first Goan Chief of Army staff of the Indian Army. He was former  Governor of the State of Punjab and also administrator of union territory of Chandigarh. His ancestral house, which can be seen from the Church of St Aleixo.

The first MLA of Curtorim was Mr.Enio Pimenta who also was a prominent freedom fighter. The current MLA is Mr. Aleixo Reginaldo Lourenco

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